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20 Apr 2022 report Satu Teerikangas, Mollie Painter, Ivo Matser, Katarina Haluskova, Karolina Sobczak Transforming business education for sustainability: the case for paradigm shifts in pedagogy and theory The newly published position paper written by the guest editors of the forthcoming ABIS Special issue on Best Sustainability Teaching Practices, summarizes important bodies of literature calling for the creation of sustainable mindsets and advocates for both pedagogical transformation and a reconsideration of the theoretical underpinnings in business education. 30 Mar 2022 report Katarina Haluskova Highlights Report 2021 We invite you to read the ABIS Highlights Report 2021, where you can find all the ABIS initiatives, events, projects and activities we were involved in throughout 2021. 17 Mar 2022 report Josep Pinyol, Katarina Haluskova, Ivo Matser, Karolina Sobczak, Jason Chang Exploring the Enablers of Circular Economy Practices: The case of businesses and business schools Read our newly published report on "Exploring the Enablers of Circular Economy Practices" by our colleague Josep Pinyol, Early Stage Researcher on Circular Economy 21 Dec 2021 report Karolina Sobczak Corporate Approaches to Sustainable Value Creation Report The report consists of four different approaches to value creation by companies in the pharmaceutical, maritime, and banking sectors as well as a global impact measurement and valuation method of corporate activity. The report also reflects on the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the incentives that could support sustainable value creation approaches. 25 Mar 2021 publication Editorial from the ABIS Special Issue: Measuring Impact and Creating Change The editorial of the recently published ABIS Special Issue is freely available to download.
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