Toolkit for Effective Virtual Communication

Toolkit for Effective Virtual Communication

The COVID-19 crisis and the current restrictive measures applied around the world come with a lot of challenges that every company, institution and individual must face. It also bring us many opportunities and push us to rethink the old working models and incorporate more digital tools into our external and internal communication. 

In order to face these changes, we have put together some insights from our research and practical experience in virtual communication and event organization.

Created to make your virtual communication easier and more effective, we are pleased to share with you our "Toolkit for effective virtual communication".

It includes lots of practical tips and it provides an easy to use and experience-based resource to quickly adapt to new realms of working, communicating and connecting with others. 

We hope that you will find it useful and that it will motivate and empower you to develop innovative ideas and to embrace new paradigms.

Feel free to share with anyone who may find it useful.



"The "Toolkit for Effective Virtual Communication" from ABIS belongs on every remote desk... during & after Corona..."

"Great practical tool for all the organizations adapting to the new-normality of implementing virtual communication and event organization #newnormality"

"Do you wish to improve your #Virtual #Communication? Check out this excellent #Toolkit. Thanks ABIS!"

"Thank you so much for this toolkit. I have just returned from a session and was feeling frustrated with the experience. Reading it with the special reference to teaching online I feel more courageous. I will definitely share this with IT and my colleagues."

"Thanks a lot for coming with this helpful toolkit. These days at university are busy more than ever, and the suggestions how to be more efficient are really very welcome!"

"What's needed is to teach how to bring the human element back into virtual meetings. Your toolkit goes a long way to doing that."

"Super useful overview!"

Toolkit for Effective Virtual Communication

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