We empower and foster individual development, change agency and shared learning experiences to accelerate the transformation towards sustainability.

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We provide access to academic and business experts, use effective methodologies and create supportive connections necessary to address social and environmental challenges.

Group 636

Mentoring Programme

Every September, we roll out a 9 months online (or hybrid) Mentoring Programme which aims to strengthen the learning and development for Early Stage Researchers and creating supportive connections that are necessary in order to contribute to address sustainable development challenges.

The goal of the Mentoring Programme is to empower young academics active in the sustainability field, helping them reach their full potential in professional and personal development. We support them to take the role as change agents in sustainability, helping them progress in their careers and make an impact on society. 



Scenario Exploration System

As part of our Professional Development activities, we also use the serious gaming and foresight tool Scenario Exploration System that helps participants to explore systemic and long-term thinking while interacting with different societal stakeholders and exploring alternative future scenarios.

During our workshops, participants are able to explore different future realities through engaging in a simulation or role-play in order to better anticipate possible future developments and make informed decisions and strategies in the present to shape the future.

We provide the following support and services based on the Scenario Exploration System: 

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    Free Taster Sessions (one hour teaser)

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    Workshops (min. 3 hours)

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    Facilitator Training (2x2,5 hours)

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    Tailoring for the needs of our members and clients