ABIS Membership Value and Engagement Opportunities

ABIS Membership Value and Engagement Opportunities

In 2022, ABIS took reviewed and updated the portfolio of engagement opportunities available to our members and the value we provide to the network.
The outcomes of this process are summarized in this comprehensive overview of the  ABIS Membership Value and Engagement Opportunities , where you can find out more information on different ongoing ABIS initiatives and activities in which you and your colleagues can get involved. 


We have redefined the ABIS engagement areas into:

  • Knowledge Productivity, which include our Publications and EU funded projects
  • Events and Opinion Leadership, offering ABIS flagship and tailored events and Opinion leadership initiatives
  • Professional Development, encompassing the Mentoring programme for Early Stage Researchers and Scenario Exploration System workshops
  • Institutional Development, including the ABIS Sustainability Assessment and Scenario Building and Exploration services.

In this overview, both members and any interested parties are able to find:

  • Short summary of ABIS, our origins, values and objectives
  • Activities and available opportunities under each engagement area
  • Membership options 
  • Overview of the commitment and value of ABIS Membership 
  • Contact details 


Membership Value and Engagement Opportunities

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