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Through ABIS, members can play central roles in shaping and delivering high visibility initiatives on priority areas for core business and policy-making. Our members are leaders in their fields, brought together by a commitment to:

  • Shape the debate on the changing role of business in a global economy and society
  • Equip current and future business leaders with the capacity to develop sustainable business
  • Transform the relationship between business leaders, academics, policy makers and others who inspire sustainable business practice
  • Inform policy makers at national, European and global level
  • Build the network to deliver global action and learning

EU and UN Funded

ReTraCE - Realising the Transition to the Circular Economy: Models, Methods and Applications This project focuses on the circular business model innovation process. While scholars have ably identified a range of circular business model archetypes, little is known of how companies select or innovate the business model(s) to implement. I4S Marie Curie Initial Training Network Eight academic institutions are currently embarked on a research training network initiative supported by the European Commission’s Marie Skłowdowksa-Curie funding scheme. EU-InnovatE EU-InnovatE stands for 'End User Integration, Innovation and Entrepreneurship'. It is an EU-funded research project to investigate the innovative and entrepreneurial roles of end users to shape a green EU-economy. LEAD Initiative The United Nations Global Compact was launched in 2000 in response to then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s call to business leaders to work with the UN to "initiate a global compact of shared values and principles, which will give a human face... CSR IMPACT Launched in March 2010, the “Impact Measurement and Performance Analysis of CSR” (IMPACT) project broke new ground in addressing Corporate Social Responsibility…


Scenario Exploration System (SES) Taster Sessions Join us for a tester session of our digitalized Scenario Exploration System - a serious game developed by the European Commission to explore the alternative sustainable futures! Horizon Europe Funding Webinar Series ABIS is proud to announce its Funding Webinar Series specifically for the topic of Horizon Europe starting November 30th. Webinar series 2019 ABIS organises regular Webinar series with the experts from our network, bringing together the leading voices from academic and business world. Scenario Exploration System Workshop (SES) The Scenario Exploration System (SES) is a serious gaming platform developed to facilitate the application of foresight to policy-making. Building Leaders for Long-Term Business Performance Deepening our understanding of how multinational companies are defining and developing their leadership and talent pipelines in order to thrive in an increasingly complex business environment. ABIS Webinar Series 2017 ABIS convenes a number of webinars with interesting and relevant topics related to Business in Society. Thought Leadership Roundtables In 2013, ABIS launched a series of high level debates on cross-sectoral strategic issues, supported by C-suite speakers and international academic experts. These roundtables create new synergies on up and coming issues. Experiential Learning The financial, economic and also political crises of recent years illustrate that responsible leaders might be the most essential resource for successful and sustainable companies. Practical Wisdom Sustainable Management “Practical Wisdom for Sustainable Management” aims at overcoming the often decried normative void in management education. Doctoral Network ABIS runs an exceptional, global platform for DBA and PhD scholars by offering learning opportunities through a pool of international talented practitioners and scholars within the ABIS network.


Responsible Investing Summer Course NN Investment Partners Responsible Investing Summer Course launched by NN Investment partners to which ABIS offered support in connecting NNIP to leading scholars all around the world to offer lectures on the impact of COVID-19 on the government, corporate and individual behaviour. Managing the Responsible Business Challenge in Africa A business-academic platform launched with support of Association of African Business Schools that aims to support responsible management education and leadership development in Africa. The Future Board - An ABIS / Mazars Initiative As corporate organisations respond to strategic challenge and uncertainty, boards must adapt to successfully steer business toward long-term sustainable success. ABIS Global Talent Forum Seeking the future global skills and competencies for business leaders. Managing Stakeholder Media This project mapped and quantified the dynamics of “stakeholder” information media and their impacts on business, at a moment when these media platforms are supplanting news media as key vectors of opinion and action. Transforming Business-Government Relations For Growth & Competitiveness In 2011, ABIS launched a qualitative, interview-based research with EPPA to examine how corporate leaders and senior policy figures perceive the influence of their interrelations on strategic decision-making. Health As An Asset In 2010-2011, ABIS, Rutgers University and the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust agreed to convene a groundbreaking series of thought leadership meetings around the advancement of health related decision-making in the global context.


Deans Forum ABIS organized a Deans Forum with Loyola University, New Orleans in February 2013 to address management in faith-based institutions in the 21st century. Leadership & Sustainability The University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainable Leadership and ABIS launched a study, to explore the challenges of and opportunities for integrating sustainability into the practices of executive development. Central and Eastern Europe Case Studies Corporate responsibility has become a hot topic in Central and Eastern Europe because of the region’s increasing integration into the global political and economic system in recent decades. Special Issues Links and excerpts from the Special Issue Journals.
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