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ABIS GlobalResources & PublicationsScenario Exploration System (SES) - 2023 Overview Report

Scenario Exploration System (SES) - 2023 Overview Report

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Year after year, the Scenario Exploration System (SES) is showing its full potential in leading and inspiring the decisions of the academic, research and corporate sectors in the field of sustainability.

For this reason, ABIS has released a 2023 Overview of this fundamental tool, where it is possible to read about its features, how it works, what are the opportunities that it brings, previous successful experiences, and what is the role of ABIS in facilitating the exploration and travel within this tool that has been developed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission.

During these last years, gamification curricula and training are showing their effectiveness in developing the skills required by the labour market in a much more engaging, impactful and effective way.

This is why the SES represents a serious gaming platform developed to facilitate the application of foresight in practice, helping participants to engage in systemic thinking with a long-term perspective and to explore alternative futures on specific issues in less than 3 hours. Through an interactive and participatory process, the game enables participants to acquire and share knowledge on sustainable development and explore the interests, motivations and strategies of different societal actors.

Having developed its own version, ABIS offers to interested parties the opportunity to co-design workshops and to use the SES as part of teaching modules, strategic discussions and relevant events.

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