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Sustainable Careers for Researcher Empowerment (SECURE) project

The Sustainable Careers for Researcher Empowerment (SECURE) project, granted by the EU under the Horizon Europe programme, have kicked-off its mission at the coordinating institution PLOCAN headquarters in Gran Canaria in January 2023 with all 18 partner organisations across Europe.

The aim of the project is to develop coordination and support measures to create, trial, implement, and mainstream a common Research Career Framework (RCF) and Tenure Track-like Models (TTL)  that offers a suite of options to support organisations in the recruitment, employment, training, development, progression, and mobility of researchers with the aim of improving research careers and reducing career precarity.

The RCF will recognise the research profession across sectors, provide a career development and progression structure for research careers, recognise both research and transferable skills and competences, facilitate intersectoral collaboration and mobility, and offer solutions to the precariousness of research careers in academia. SECURE will test aspects of the RCF and TTL models in trials in four Research Performing Organisations (RPOs), one Research Funding Organisation (RFO), and one recruitment agency .

The duration of the project is 2 years.

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