New Year Message 2024 by ABIS CEO Ivo Matser and Chairman Prof. Baback Yazdani

New Year Message 2024 by ABIS CEO Ivo Matser and Chairman Prof. Baback Yazdani

Dear ABIS esteemed friend, 

We extend our heartfelt wishes for a year 2024 brimming with joy, prosperity, and above all, robust health.

In times of uncertainty, the challenge of decision-making looms large. Society places upon us the responsibility to make choices that pave the way for sustainable development - decisions that resonate far into the future. This imperative is particularly significant in the face of the current turbulent landscape characterized by multiple transitions and crises. At the crux of it all lies human behaviour, a focal point that begins with us and the organizations we shape.

Our commitment to addressing this challenge was evident during our Annual Colloquium 2023, a collaborative effort with Kozminski University. Here, the coherence of multiple transitions took centre stage, with pivotal research shared and deliberated upon.

As we reflect upon the past year, it brings us immense satisfaction to recount our accomplishments. The third Mentoring Programme for Early Stage Researchers, the publication of the Special Issue “Driving impact through responsible investing and finance”, and the development of Scenarios for the Futures of Business Education in 2055 are among the highlights. Additionally, the launch of the Sustainability Assessment for business schools conducted among our academic members marked another milestone.

Looking ahead, we aspire to broaden our impact by bridging companies and business schools currently bereft of such opportunities due to resource constraints. Our ongoing Fundraising initiative, “Shape the Future,” aims to empower these organizations to join our community, providing them access to the wealth of knowledge and experience within our network. We invite you warmly to contribute to this cause, facilitating collective, transformative actions that shape the future.

Anticipate a year filled with significant developments from ABIS in 2024. We will soon unveil the Scenarios for the Futures of Business Education, complemented by a tailored Scenario Exploration System - a serious foresight and gaming tool. Our unwavering commitment to EU Horizon Europe research projects continues, focusing on open science, enhancing researchers' careers and assessment, and envisioning the futures of circular economy practices. In the upcoming months, we will also share the date and place for our flagship 23rd ABIS Annual Colloquium.

In our pursuit, we stand steadfast in supporting you to make informed decisions. View the ABIS network as a platform to continually refine your critical skills, share your impactful experiences, meet your peers, and learn from setbacks. After all, sustainability is a journey of continual learning by doing.

As we embark on the challenges and opportunities that 2024 holds, be assured that ABIS and our agenda will support you, ready to contribute to your endeavours and collectively shape a sustainable and impactful future, both at an institutional and individual level.

We will be at your service again in 2024.

Hon Dr. Ivo Matser                    Professor Baback Yazdani PhD Chief Executive Officer                            Chairman of the Board of Directors

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