Call for Reviewers for the ABIS Special Issue on "Navigating Mulptiple Transitions"

Call for Reviewers for the ABIS Special Issue on "Navigating Mulptiple Transitions"

In the light of the 22nd Annual ABIS Colloquium and the emerged discussions during the research presentations, as well as, thanks to our collaboration with the Emerald Corporate Governance Journal, we are eager to announce our commitment to release a special issue on “Navigating Multiple Transitions” composed of research papers dealing with businesses and business schools that are addressing global ESG challenges, transdisciplinarity,  complexity and extended time horizons

The main aim is to support our network to examine the role of businesses and business schools in navigating the complexities of multiple transitions and gain and access relevant insights while exploring these pressing issues, specifically on: 

  • Decarbonization strategies and policies
  • Closing the loop, resource efficiency and just transition
  • Diversity and inclusion within the context of multiple transitions
  • Sustainable finance: from regulation to value creation
  • Industrial Organization (IO) of sustainable manufacturing transition
  • Ethical framework for digital technologies
  • Key AI-driven digital technologies for sustainable transitions
  • Impact measurement and management
  • The use of digitalization and AI-based solutions for sustainability-related goals
  • Transformative education: impacting mindsets and structures

To ensure high quality of the publishing process and the essential double-blind peer review, we open a Call for Reviewers for the ABIS Special Issue.

Selection Criteria

The reviewers should be able to assess the quality, relevance and merit of the papers based on learning objectives, level of innovation, robustness and provided lessons learned.

Time commitment

We encourage submissions by individuals who are competent to take on this role and who can find the time to commit to this task. The editorial team will attempt to spread review assignments across available reviewers not to overburden them. Reviewers can expect 2-3 reviewing requests in the first round and later reviewing the revised manuscripts in the second round (approx. 4 months later). We will ask to complete reviews within 4 weeks after accepting a review. The expected time commitment should start from February/March and then again around June/July. 

The Special Issue dedicated guest editors:

  • Bolesław Rok, Associate Professor and Director of Positive Entrepreneurship Lab, Kozminski University
  • Anna Maria Górska, Assistant Professor and Director of the Women and Diversity in Organizations Research Center, Kozminski University 
  • Ivo Matser, CEO, ABIS

For more information about the guidelines and benefits of reviewers please visit HERE.

To be taken into consideration please fill out the information in the Call for Reviewers and send it back to by February 29th .

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