ABIS Sustainability Assessment

ABIS Sustainability Assessment

The ABIS Sustainability Assessment is a management model developed by ABIS - The Academy of Business in Society which was designed to integrate sustainability in higher education institutions (HEIs). 

Its purpose is to report to decision-makers of these institutions:

  • The actual status of sustainability implementation at institutional and academic level
  • How to effectively enable sustainability initiatives
  • The impact of sustainability actions on the institution´s stakeholders
  • Suggestions for priorities in developing sustainability strategies

Our hope is to each HEI to use this tool to engage in continuous improvement by gaining awareness on how and which enablers are leading to sustainable transformation (or not) and what can be improved. 

Step by step process:

  •  ABIS and HEI have a preparatory meeting to inform and prepare the Assessment 
  • ABIS will provide the institution with a survey containing different sets of questions directed to different internal and external stakeholders
  • Each respondent (identified and nominated by the HEI) will need to spend max. 30 minutes answering the survey
  • ABIS will process the answers, analyse the data and create a tailored management report which will provide context and evidence of the institution’s sustainability performance
  •  ABIS will provide a certificate and branding that the HEI can use for next 2 years 

The framework

The Sustainability Assessment draws on the EFQM methodology, addressing a HEI´s sustainability enablers and performances.

Its framework illustrates how sustainability results (with respect to internal performance, students, staff, alumni, business and society) are enabled by leadership and strategy through research and education processes, people and resources. 

The assessment quantifies an overall learning and development stage of any HEI with regards to sustainability and identifies areas for improvement of the HEI sustainability performance.

Find more information in our ABIS Sustainability Assessment Guide and contact our Senior Project Manager at katarina.haluskova@abis-global.org.

SA Technical Guide

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