ABIS Shape the Future Fundraising

ABIS Shape the Future Fundraising


At ABIS - The Academy of Business in Society, we are making a huge effort to expand our network and impact by including a broader range of members from SMEs, start-ups and small business schools, particularly from developing counties. Our aim is to foster a more diverse and inclusive community. 

Considering today's global and interconnected challenges, innovative solutions are to be created and their impacts catalyzed and scaled-up. However, we cannot do it alone. 

To drive collective, transformative actions, leaving no one behind, we need your support! Only an inclusive, collaborative approach will be able to drive the change.

In this regards, we welcome all your donations, that can make a significant difference for us! It will allow SMEs, start-ups and small business schools, particularly from developing countries, to join ABIS network and benefit from its membership, contributing to the overall vision and mission of ABIS. 

To embark on this journey, newcomers will have to demonstrate how:

  • They are committed to sustainability, diversity & inclusion, and innovation
  • Their gross turnover is a maximum of 5 million euros
  • They are willing to add innovative capacity to the ABIS community
On their side, donors will have to agree on: 
  • Making themselves known and their donation public
  • Being willing to play an active role in ABIS activities and network.

If you are able and willing to support, please consider making a donation by contacting our team - each one of them will contribute to welcome a new member to the network! 

We also appreciate sharing this news to help spread the word. Your network might include individuals and institutions passionate about our cause, and your share could make a world of difference. 

Do not miss the opportunity to help ABIS expand its reach, promote sustainability, and foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

Get in touch and donate!

Together and inclusively, we achieve more! 

Katarina Haluskova

Do you have any questions? 

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Katarina Haluskova