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The the largest European research project on corporate social responsibility

The project intended to create new tools and further develop existing ones to measure the impact of CSR at different levels across European companies, sectors, regions and EU27. The research methods were designed to provide evidence to explain, characterise and compare the link between what drives CSR in companies, the translation into actions, and the outcomes in terms of CSR performance and impacts for the company, economy, society and environment.

The research envolved SMEs as well as large companies. A particular research focus was the analyse how regional, national and European institutions and policies influence the CSR impacts of companies and industries. 

The project collated and combined existing non-public data sets that help to measure and monitor the impacts of CSR. It collected new panel data to monitor CSR impacts across Europe.

The empirical evidence on the impact of CSR was used to see if and how European companies contribute - through CSR - to the main areas and objectives set in the EU's Lisbon and Gothenburg strategies - competitiveness, innovation, growth, quality of jobs and sustainability.

The project reached its completion at the final conference held in Brussels on 17-18 September 2013. The essence of the conference its captured in the following video.

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