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Ans Kolk

University of Amsterdam, Business School


AccountabilityClimate ChangeCorporate Social ResponsibilityDevelopmentEnergyGlobal GovernancePartnershipsPovertyStakeholder EngagementStakeholdersSustainability

Resources & Publications from Ans Kolk

7 Oct 2015 article Ans Kolk The social responsibility of international business: From ethics and the environment to CSR and sustainable development, forthcoming in Journal of World Business This article examines how the international business literature has addressed social responsibility issues in the past 50 years, highlighting key developments and implications from a historical perspective. 7 Oct 2015 article Ans Kolk, Louise Curran Contesting a place in the sun: On ideologies in foreign markets and liabilities of origin. Forthcoming in Journal of Business Ethics This paper explores the role of ideology in attempts to influence public policy and in business representation in the EU-China solar panel anti-dumping dispute. 7 Oct 2015 article Ans Kolk, Fran├žois Lenfant Cross-sector collaboration, institutional gaps and fragility: The role of social innovation partnerships in a conflict-affected region, forthcoming in Journal of Public Policy & Marketing This articles explores social innovation partnerships in a fragile country characterized by institutional gaps, specifically considering the role of cross-sector collaboration in conflict-affected areas. 24 Nov 2014 article Ans Kolk, Fran├žois Lenfant Partnerships for Peace and Development in Fragile States: Identifying Missing Links We present a typology of different levels (local, national, international) at which collaboration takes place and different types of partnerships (philanthropic, transactional, engagement, transformative. 24 Nov 2014 article Ans Kolk, Marlene Vock & Willemijn van Dolen Microfoundations of Partnerships: Exploring the Role of Employees in Trickle Effects The growing body of literature on partnerships has paid most attention to their implications at the macro level, for society, as well as the meso level, for the partnering organisations.
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