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1 May 2007 Corporate responsibility in small and medium-sized enterprises SME social performance: a four-cell typology of key drivers and barriers on social issues and their implications for stakeholder theory The purpose of this article is to build a model of why SMEs address social issues by integrating internal and external drivers and barriers to social performance (SP). 1 Apr 2005 Finance and accounting: Corporate social responsibility and financial performance This paper aims to investigate the interaction between sustainability and financial performance. 1 Apr 2005 Policy making and the role of government Realigning business, government and civil society This article aims to explore the character of an emerging model of corporate social responsibility (CSR)-oriented societal governance in an exchange theoretical perspective 1 Apr 2005 Strategy: Responding to global business critical issues The value of this paper is in the insight it provides on how companies are finding a source of innovation through responding to global issues 1 Apr 2005 Strategy A CSR framework due to multiculturalism: the Swiss Re case Owing to the fact that the concept of ‘‘CSR orientation in different cultural settings’’ is still quite unexplored, both in CSR theory and in empirical research 1 Apr 2005 Marketing and market development Signaling corporate values: consumers’ suspicious minds While managers and researchers recognize that corporate social responsibility is positively related to some corporate performance measures, the instrumental reason for this linkage is still unclear. 1 Apr 2005 Marketing and market development Dealing with a global issue: contributing to poverty alleviation The purpose of this paper is to present one approach to integrating societal expectations in business as adopted by Electricite de France through their Access to Energy Program. 1 Apr 2005 Finance and accounting: Meeting objectives and resisting conventions This paper seeks to unravel some of the challenges associated with responsible investment from the institutional investor’s perspective, focusing on how dominant conventions influence investor behaviour and their ability to invest responsibly. 1 Apr 2005 Operations and supply chain management Social performance: key lessons from recent experiences within Shell Seeks to summarize the findings of research undertaken by the Shell Group to better understand the business relevance, parameters, status and tools and approaches to manage social performance.
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