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13 Jan 2020 ReTraCE Project Roundtable for industry and policy makers ABIS will host a ReTraCE (Realizing the Transition to the Circular Economy) project meeting that will bring 15 Early Stage Researchers, network coordinators and scientific supervisors from the ReTraCE project together to present and gain practical insights and feedback from policy and industry experts on their research and project deliverables.6 13 Jan 2020 Creating Value Roundtable with Antwerp Management School (AMS) Antwerp Management School (AMS) and ABIS announce the first edition of the Integrated Value Rountable, a moment for exchange of competences and information among the most important actors of the sustainable revolution 9 Jan 2020 Call for Reviewers for the ABIS Special Issue on "Business in Society: Measuring Impact and Creating Change" with Emerald publishing We are giving the opportunity to apply and act as a reviewer for the essential publishing process - double-blind peer review of our Special Issue with the collaboration of Emerald publishing 5 Dec 2019 Scenario Exploration System Workshop (SES) for Management Brussels Study Tour, Kent Business School We help organize a SES workshop for the MSc Management Brussels Study Tour 2020 for 18 students from Kent Business School at the School of International Studies, University of Kent in Brussels. 5 Dec 2019 Scenario Exploration System Workshop (SES) at Henley Business School We will develop a Scenario Exploration System with a strong focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for around 40 MSc Management students of Henley Business School 19 Nov 2019 Japan Forum of Business and Society - 10th Annual Conference on "Circular Economy Transition: Exploring the Institutional, Organizational & Behavioral Dimensions" 13 Nov 2019 The winner of the ABIS Best Impact Startup is Sulapac We congratulate the winner Sulapac of the ABIS Best Impact Startup Award. The official ceremeny took place at the 18th Annual Colloquium at ESMT Berlin on 30. October. 8 Nov 2019 H2020 Funding Opportunity on Circular Economy - Cal for Expression of Interest We would like to invite you and your organization to consider the opportunity to be part of a research consortium which will apply for an Horizon 2020 Call of Proposal 22 Oct 2019 Scenario Exploration System Workshop (SES) Politecnico di Torino & Foundation Politecnico di Milano We will help running the Scenario Exploration System Workshop on Startup for Social Innovation and Sustainable Development with the co-organization with Social Innovation Team of Politecnico di Torino and the Foundation Politecnico di Milano 17 Oct 2019 Scenario Exploration System Workshop (SES) at the University of Westminster We will test the application of our SES workshop for the purpose of assesing the future consultants at Westminster Business Consultants
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