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1 May 2012 Creating Shared Value as a Differentiation Strategy: The Example of BASF in Brazil This paper aims to create empirical evidence regarding shared value strategies recently propagated by Michael Porter and Mark Krame. 1 May 2012 Sustainable Globalization and Implications for Strategic Corporate and National Sustainability The purpose of the paper is to present a conceptual framework and a set of conditions within which nations and business can strive to embed sustainability in corporate/national strategy. 1 May 2012 A New Era of Development: The Changing Role and Responsibility of Business in Developing Countries A new era for development is needed and business needs to play a significant role in this era. 1 Apr 2012 Business Schools as a Positive Force for Fostering Societal Change The purpose of the article is to encourage (and in certain ways to initiate) an intellectual debate on how business schools can meet the intellectual challenge resulting from the financial crisis. 1 May 2011 Chinese Wisdom, Management Practices and the Humanities This article aims at showing that the relationship between Chinese classical wisdoms and managerial practices should not be reduced to the establishment of an “art of war”. 1 May 2009 Overall change dynamics: Embedding corporate responsibility and sustainability – everybody’s business This paper aims to deal with the significance of leadership as driver of corporate responsibility and complementary, dynamic organizational change. 1 May 2008 Global governance challenges in industry sectors and supply chains Contributing to sustainable development through multi-stakeholder processes: practical steps to avoid the ‘‘resource curse’’ This paper aims to identify the factors that have allowed some counties to avoid the so-called ‘‘resource curse’’; to determine practical steps that can be taken by companies, governments 1 Apr 2006 Sustainable competitiveness in global value chains: how do small Danish firms behave? The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of SMEs with respect to sustainable supply chain management in global value chains. 1 Apr 2006 Responsible competitiveness at the ‘‘micro’’ level of the firm Using stakeholder dialogue as a source for new ideas: a dynamic capability underlying sustainable innovation The purpose of this research is to attempt to gain a deeper understanding on the firm’s ability to integrate stakeholder insights into the process of organizational innovation from a sustainable development viewpoint. 1 Apr 2005 Governance: Sustainability in the boardroom An empirical examination of Dow Jones Sustainability World Index leaders. Although an extensive body of research treats the fields of corporate governance and sustainable development separately
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