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1 Apr 2006 The political economy of CSR in Western Europe The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between this new social embedding of the economy and older traditions of social embeddedness, such as the welfare state, neocorporatist arrangements 1 Apr 2006 Corporate responsibility and competitiveness at the macro level: Responsible competitiveness: reshaping global markets through responsible business practices The purpose of the paper is to explore the theoretical underpinnings and practical implications of responsible competitiveness, where responsible business practices become a driver of national and regional competitiveness. 1 Apr 2006 Hardwiring and softwiring corporate responsibility: a vital combination This case study paper has the purpose of showing that both processes of hardwiring and soft wiring together is essential for embedding corporate responsibility across a global organisation to achieve lasting change. 1 Apr 2006 The impact of higher education on students’ and young managers’ perception of companies and CSR: an exploratory analysis The purpose of this article is to analyse the impact of higher education on students’ and young managers’ perception of companies and corporate social responsibility (CSR). 1 Apr 2006 Opportunities and limitations of CSR in the postcommunist countries: Polish case The purpose of this paper is to identify the main opportunities and limitations of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the countries of transformation. 1 Apr 2006 The government’s role in promoting corporate responsibility: a comparative analysis of Italy and UK from the relational state perspective The purpose of this paper is to analyse the changing role of governments promoting corporate responsibility (CR) as a result of the challenges raised by globalisation. 1 Apr 2006 Corporate social responsibility from a ‘‘stakeholder view’’ perspective: CSR implementation by a Swiss mobile telecommunication provider The purpose of this research is to show how corporate social responsibility (CSR) is actually implemented and managed in business practice by a mobile communications provider in Switzerland.
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