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3 May 2022 ABIS Special Issue: Best Sustainability Teaching Practices published! We are pleased to inform you that the ABIS Special Issue: “Best Sustainability Teaching Practices” was published! Find the guest editorial and papers accessible on Emerald Insight. 21 Apr 2022 Transforming business education for sustainability Take a look at our published position paper on "Transforming business education for sustainability" written by our guest editors of the forthcoming ABIS Special Issue on Best Sustainability Teaching practices and in advance of the ABIS Knowledge Into Action Forum "Futures of Business Education" 20 Apr 2022 Transforming business education for sustainability: the case for paradigm shifts in pedagogy and theory The newly published position paper written by the guest editors of the forthcoming ABIS Special issue on Best Sustainability Teaching Practices, summarizes important bodies of literature calling for the creation of sustainable mindsets and advocates for both pedagogical transformation and a reconsideration of the theoretical underpinnings in business education. 30 Mar 2022 Highlights Report 2021 We invite you to read the ABIS Highlights Report 2021, where you can find all the ABIS initiatives, events, projects and activities we were involved in throughout 2021. 17 Mar 2022 Exploring the Enablers of Circular Economy Practices: The case of businesses and business schools Read our newly published report on "Exploring the Enablers of Circular Economy Practices" by our Early-Stage-Researcher from ReTraCE project and our colleague, Josep Pinyol 17 Mar 2022 Exploring the Enablers of Circular Economy Practices: The case of businesses and business schools Read our newly published report on "Exploring the Enablers of Circular Economy Practices" by our colleague Josep Pinyol, Early Stage Researcher on Circular Economy 10 Mar 2022 Knowledge Into Action Forum - "Futures of Business Education" The flagship ABIS event Knowledge Into Action Forum will focus this year on "Futures of Business Education". 26 Jan 2022 ABIS New Year´s message ABIS CEO Ivo Matser and the Chair of the Board of Directors Baback Yazdani share several outcomes and innovations in our business-academic network from 2021 and set a purposeful vision for 2022. 24 Jan 2022 Call for Reviewers for the ABIS Special Issue on “Driving impact through responsible investing” ABIS invites you to contribute as a reviewer to our next special issue on “Driving impact through responsible investing”. 21 Dec 2021 Scenario Exploration System (SES) Taster Session Join us for a one hour taster session of the digital Scenario Exploration System (SES): a serious gaming tool that helps participants to engage in systemic thinking with a long-term perspective and to explore alternative sustainable futures.
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