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Workshop 7 - Coventry University: Economics of Cybersecurity

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Connected vehicles (including cars) offer the potential for major benefits. The types of connection can be broadly classified into driver to vehicle communications, vehicle to vehicle connections and vehicle to (physical and digital) infrastructure interactions. Such developments have many possible benefits; many of these may yet to be identified and fully articulated, but currently include improved driver and vehicle safety, enhanced assisted possibilities, better vehicle security, and raising the capacity of road networks. The modern road vehicle embodies some of the most complex and advanced electronic and mechatronic systems available. But, as with all digital technology developments these open the way to cybersecurity issues and new forms of vehicle and cybercrime. These create very substantial costs for vehicle owners and users, insurers, manufacturers, governments and many arties not directly involved in specific cyber-attacks.


Partner we are looking for: Coventry is looking for partners with a strong interest and competence in the business impacts of cybercrime on connected vehicles. This could include, but is not limited to, expertise in insurance markets, new models for charging for connected services to cars, the development of new technological partnerships in the auto industry, evolving supply chain structures and new forms of alliance to generate competitiveness. We also wish to build a strong pan-European consortium

Framework – Funding: H2020 - DS-04-2016 - RIA Research and Innovation action

Deadline:         25 August 2016


For further information about the workshop, please download the detailed description below.

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