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Workshop 6 - I4S Partners: Perspectives and practices of Circular Economy

Thursday, May 12, 2016

This proposal benefits from 4 years learning by the partners of the FP7 ‘Innovation 4 Sustainability’ (I4S) Marie Curie Training network coordinated by ABIS. I4S is in its fourth and final year. The focus of attention in our final year is to ensure the lessons from I4S are captured and disseminated, and that these lessons feed into subsequent bids.

I4S also provides a spring-board for a follow-up ‘Mark II’ bid which takes the lessons into a new or more targeted topical and important research area. We are proposing that this new research area be ‘Circular Economy’ connecting to a priority research area of the European Commission under H2020.

The workshop will be in two parts. Part 1 will ‘look back’ at the success factors and lessons learnt from I4S whilst Part 2 will look forwards, proposing a sketch of a new grant proposal, for which we seek new partners and collaborations.


Partner we are looking for:

  • New academic partners with specific expertise and track-record in CE
  • Mobilising an International network of expert speakers and examples of CE, drawing on experiences from USA, Latin America, S Africa, SE Asia
  • Practitioners – businesses, multi-stakeholder platforms (ABIS members)

 Framework – Funding: H2020 – MSCA Innovative Training Network

 Deadline: January 2017



For further information about the workshop, please download the detailed description below.

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