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Workshop 4 - Nyenrode Business University: Business and Peace

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The purpose of the project is to build knowledge among PhD researchers on the linkages between Peace & Conflict and Businesses studies by engaging them into field projects hosted by business partners.

The approach of Peace & Conflict given by the programme lays on the belief that businesses can positively contribute to promoting and building sustainable peace if they are equipped with the appropriate knowledge, expertise and tools to integrate conflict sensitive strategies within their operations. 

As Europe is facing the threat of migration mainly prompted by the escalation of conflict in nearby regions, such as Middle East and Northern Africa, it is imperative to form professional researchers who could help both businesses and policy makers in dealing with these challenges both in Europe and in conflict affected countries.

The European policies on migration are now focussing on increasing the resilience of neighbouring countries by providing financial means to host countries to cope with the pressure on resources and assets posed by the influx of migrants. However, such policies are not building on the potential role the business sector could play, both at local and international level, in promoting peace by contributing to the local sustainable economic development.

To achieve such ambitious plan, the programme targets both PhD researchers from Europe which are researching on topics related to peace & businesses, and PhD researcher from conflict, post-conflict countries and fragile states, to bring the local perspectives and expertise on the subject.


Partner we are looking for:

Academic partners: Universities and Institutes dealing with peace & conflict studies; peace and war economics; Sustainability and CSR in conflict areas; businesses studies in non-traditional markets;

Non-Academic partners: Business-Academic platforms; Business platforms; Chambers of Commerce; Medium and large companies.

Framework – Funding: H2020 – MSCA Innovative Training Network

Deadline: January 2017


For further information about the workshop, please download the detailed description below.

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