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Workshop 10 - University of Edinburgh Business School: Incorporating Sustainability in Management Education: An Interdisciplinary approach

Thursday, May 12, 2016

As a higher education institution, we are now challenged to equip our graduates with the ability to integrate global sustainability issues into the skill sets, competences, decision-making processes, mindsets and values that will support them in their future careers – in management and business administration, the sciences and technology, entrepreneurship, humanities, or others. The nature of sustainability issues, however, will increasingly require graduates to have a cross-over understanding of how multiple disciplines can inspire and contribute to new solutions.

In collaboration with other ABIS members, both corporate and academic, we would like to explore new approaches to ensure that all graduates are prepared to consider sustainability – and the role of business in providing solutions – in their workplace, and ways in which sustainability teaching can become truly interdisciplinary across different faculties and areas of knowledge. Industry can guide and provide insights into what makes graduates employable in this sense. We hope that this will then inform how best it can be incorporated into teaching at a University and specifically Business School level. 

The aim is twofold: (1) to increase our understanding of how global challenges and sustainability can become part of the DNA of higher education, especially in business but preferably across all relevant programmes and their core teaching; and (2) to identify new approaches to developing the essential teaching skills and competences, across disciplines, that will enhance the learning experience and personal development of all students, across Business Schools and wider University contexts.

Partner we are looking for: Academic and Business

Framework – Funding: Erasmus + - Knowledge Alliance or H2020 – MSCA Innovative Training Network

Deadline: February or January 2017

For further information about the workshop, please download the detailed description below.

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