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Embedded Values and Induced Spirituality in Management Education: The Case of Two Successful Business Schools in Barcelona

Management’s performance is confined by the normative perspectives it brings to organisational life. While many MBA programs are rethinking management education and curricula to engender a more holistic approach to teaching management, it seems that in Barcelona the two leading business schools have been doing that for quite some time. Founded on the basis of religious traditions, espousing universal values, they managed to transform these into entrepreneurial and creative management practices, reinforced by the unique Barcelona eco-system that helps sustain this type of induced spirituality. The latter takes place both directly and indirectly via multiplicative networks and interactions with sectors such as the arts and sports. It is argued that the determinants to explain the success of these business schools lies in the configuration of their founding values, people, programs, management and the Barcelona overall eco-system that breeds creativity and innovation, enveloped in a spirituality that feeds on and in turn infuses each and all of these aspects.

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