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1 Apr 2005 journal Michael E. Blowfield Operations and supply chain management Going global: how to identify and manage societal expectations in supply chains (and the consequences of failure) Multinational companies that want to be reputable global citizens need to manage divergent and often conflicting societal expectations. Aims to show that some do this by using a universally applicable set of policies 1 Apr 2005 journal Claudio Aqueveque Marketing and market development Signaling corporate values: consumers’ suspicious minds While managers and researchers recognize that corporate social responsibility is positively related to some corporate performance measures, the instrumental reason for this linkage is still unclear. 1 Apr 2005 journal Klaus Korner Policy making and the role of government Changing governance patterns and CSR The discussion around CSR has so far centered on methods and on scope rather than on the potential relevance for corporate governance and governance more general. This paper addresses this void. 1 Apr 2005 journal Peter Cornelius Governance Good corporate practices in poor corporate governance systems The paper attempts to benchmark corporate governance practices have focused primarily on developed capital markets, whereas cross-country comparisons remain difficult for emerging markets. 1 Apr 2005 journal Vincent Denby Wilkes Marketing and market development Dealing with a global issue: contributing to poverty alleviation The purpose of this paper is to present one approach to integrating societal expectations in business as adopted by Electricite de France through their Access to Energy Program.
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