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1 Apr 2006 journal Anna Lewicka-Strzalecka Opportunities and limitations of CSR in the postcommunist countries: Polish case The purpose of this paper is to identify the main opportunities and limitations of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the countries of transformation. 1 Apr 2006 journal Laura Albareda, Antonio Tencati, Josep M. Lozano and Francesco Perrini The government’s role in promoting corporate responsibility: a comparative analysis of Italy and UK from the relational state perspective The purpose of this paper is to analyse the changing role of governments promoting corporate responsibility (CR) as a result of the challenges raised by globalisation. 1 Apr 2006 journal Esther A. Agyeman-Budu and Frank Welvaert Investing in health care management: a way to explore the future value outlook of the health care sector This paper aims to show the need for Europe to invest more in health care management training. It should be seen as a catalyst for accelerating the restructuring of the sector. 1 Apr 2006 journal Maria Joao Rodrigues The Lisbon Strategy after the mid-term review: implications for innovation and life-long learning This paper aims to investigate the interaction between the sustainability of the European social model and the European Union’s revised Lisbon Strategy and its focus on jobs and growth. 1 Apr 2006 journal Sybille Sachs, Marc Maurer, Edwin Ru¨ hli and Reto Hoffmann Corporate social responsibility from a ‘‘stakeholder view’’ perspective: CSR implementation by a Swiss mobile telecommunication provider The purpose of this research is to show how corporate social responsibility (CSR) is actually implemented and managed in business practice by a mobile communications provider in Switzerland.
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