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1 Apr 2006 journal Simon Zadek Corporate responsibility and competitiveness at the macro level: Responsible competitiveness: reshaping global markets through responsible business practices The purpose of the paper is to explore the theoretical underpinnings and practical implications of responsible competitiveness, where responsible business practices become a driver of national and regional competitiveness. 1 Apr 2006 journal Martin Clarke and David Butcher Voluntarism as an organizing principle for ‘‘responsible organizations’’ The aim of this paper is to promote the concept of organisational voluntarism, borrowed from political philosophy and to stimulate feedback and debate as to its efficacy in furthering the discourse on corporate responsibility. 1 Apr 2006 journal Monique de Wit, Mark Wade and Esther Schouten Hardwiring and softwiring corporate responsibility: a vital combination This case study paper has the purpose of showing that both processes of hardwiring and soft wiring together is essential for embedding corporate responsibility across a global organisation to achieve lasting change. 1 Apr 2006 journal Andre Sobczak, Gervaise Debucquet and Christelle Havard The impact of higher education on students’ and young managers’ perception of companies and CSR: an exploratory analysis The purpose of this article is to analyse the impact of higher education on students’ and young managers’ perception of companies and corporate social responsibility (CSR). 1 Apr 2006 journal Silvia Ayuso, Miguel Angel Rodrıguez and Joan Enric Ricart Responsible competitiveness at the ‘‘micro’’ level of the firm Using stakeholder dialogue as a source for new ideas: a dynamic capability underlying sustainable innovation The purpose of this research is to attempt to gain a deeper understanding on the firm’s ability to integrate stakeholder insights into the process of organizational innovation from a sustainable development viewpoint.
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