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1 May 2007 journal Lorraine Sweeney Corporate social responsibility in Ireland: barriers and opportunities experienced by SMEs when undertaking CSR The corporate social responsibility (CSR) movement has gathered great momentum over the past number of years and is now regarded as being at its most prevalent. 1 Apr 2006 journal Mario Molteni The social-competitive innovation pyramid The purpose of this article is to define a logical process through which social needs can be investigated and integrated into corporate strategy, thus allowing management to meet the expectations of its stakeholder. 1 Apr 2006 journal Allan Lerberg Jorgensen and Jette Steen Knudsen Sustainable competitiveness in global value chains: how do small Danish firms behave? The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of SMEs with respect to sustainable supply chain management in global value chains. 1 Apr 2006 journal Elena Bonfiglioli, Lance Moir and Ve´ronique Ambrosini Developing the wider role of business in society: the experience of Microsoft in developing training and supporting employability The purpose of this paper is to describe Microsoft’s activities in encouraging employability and to show how these activities provide strategic advantage. 1 Apr 2006 journal Atle Midttun, Kristian Gautesen and Maria Gjølberg The political economy of CSR in Western Europe The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between this new social embedding of the economy and older traditions of social embeddedness, such as the welfare state, neocorporatist arrangements
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