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1 May 2007 journal Jose Luis Fernandez Fernandez, Juan Benavides Delgado and Nuria Villagra Garcıa Bodega Jimenez-Landi and Javier Benjumea Chair: the collaborative creation of a strategic stakeholder management approach in a small Spanish enterprise The purpose of this research is to attempt to gain a deeper understanding on small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and point out some of the most serious barriers for small Spanish companies to implement such kind of strategic approach 1 May 2007 journal Sara Holmes and Lance Moir Developing a conceptual framework to identify corporate innovations through engagement with non-profit stakeholders This paper attempts to identify factors that can foster (or impede) the identification and development of firm-related innovations that result from engagement with non-profit stakeholders. 1 May 2007 journal Ans Kolk and Jonatan Pinkse Towards strategic stakeholder management? Integrating perspectives on sustainability challenges such as corporate responses to climate change The strategic management of corporate sustainability tends to be approached from one theoretical perspective in academic research and publications in mainstream journals simultaneously. 1 May 2007 journal Isabelle Kern, Sybille Sachs and Edwin Ruhli Corporate responsibility from an industry structure perspective Stakeholder relations and maintaining the licence to operate: a comparative case study of the Swiss telecommunications industry In the research project ‘‘Good practices of stakeholder view’’ three firms in the Swiss telecommunications industry were analysed in order to compare their stakeholder involvement. 1 May 2007 journal Lance Moir, Mike Kennerley and David Ferguson Measuring the business case: linking stakeholder and shareholder value The purpose of this article is to provide a detailed review of how to design and test a framework for assessing the impact of corporate responsibility on firm value.
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