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ABIS encourages active membership to ensure that member organisations maximise their benefits from the network. The level of involvement depends on a member's specific needs and on the areas they wish to contribute to. ABIS members must nominate a representative to be present at the annual general assembly and to act as first point of contact for ABIS.

ABIS offers membership to companies, academic institutions and international networks.

To apply for organisational membership, please fill in the registration form and the ABIS team will be in touch with you.


€ 11,000 / YEAR

A partnership provides maximum benefits for the members including strategic decision making in the organizational structure and governance of ABIS – The Academy of Business in Society.



€ 7,000 / YEAR

 A most classic type of membership for every member who is fully committed to take an active part in the network by sharing, questioning and striving for a more sustainable world.


€ 3,000 / YEAR

A special type of membership for newcomers that would like to try to be part of our community, share knowledge and expertise with other members and be part of ABIS initiatives for maximum of first 3 years. Afterwards it will automatically become a full institutional membership.


€ 500 / YEAR

a membership for individuals who strive for lifelong learning and would like bring value to a strong business-academic network to accelerate the movement towards inclusive and circular economy.


ABIS has strategic alliances with several international associations, NGOs, start-ups and junior enterprises that share the same values and beliefs and help us accelerate the transition for a more inclusive and sustainable world.

Commitment and value of ABIS Membership 

For more information download our Membership benefits document. 

Below you can find downloadable documents about benefits:


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