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Charter & Cancellation policy
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Charter & Cancellation policy

ABIS is a reference point for organisations seeking access to leading edge thinking and practice around the future business contribution to sustainable globalisation – including new enterprise models, innovation, leadership, impacts and governance, among others.

An overview of member benefits and commitments, as well as ABIS’ governance structures, can be found in the latest version of ABIS’ Membership & Governance Charter, approved by the Management Board on November 6, 2009.

The Academy’s founding partners & partners are global leaders in their own rights, with long-established, renowned track records of pioneering sustainability and responsibility in their organisational contexts. Corporate partners invest between € 70,000 and € 100,000 per year in one or more of the following areas of strategic interest, as agreed and approved with the ABIS central team:

  1. Secondments & Fellowships;
  2. Collaborative applied research programmes;
  3. International thought leadership platforms;
  4. Event sponsorship, such as the Annual Colloquium or PhD Summer School;
  5. ABIS member development in emerging and developing markets;
  6. Website and communications sponsorship.

Partnership and membership of ABIS is renewed automatically on January 1st of each new calendar year. Requests for cancellation must be formally submitted to ABIS in writing by the lead representative (e.g., Global VP, Dean, Rector), via registered mail, three months prior to the annual renewal date. Any such correspondence must be addressed to ABIS President, Prof. Dr. Alfons Sauquet Rovira. Cancellation will only be accepted if all membership fees up to and including the current calendar year have been paid in full. Neither membership, partnership nor sponsorship or corporate funds can be re-paid upon cancellation of member or partnership status. ABIS retains the sole right to determine the allocation of any sponsorship or corporate funds remaining upon cancellation, in consultation with the outgoing partner.

If a member institution is approved for inclusion in an ABIS project funded by a third party (such as the European Commission, a Corporate Partner, independent foundation, etc), it will be expected to maintain active membership and pay annual fees for the duration of the project. If that member chooses to cancel its membership and to reject payment of annual fees during the project, it will be invited to withdraw its participation with immediate effect. If this is refused, a legal process will be started to nullify any future participation by that member.


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