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ABIS membership benefits

ABIS - The Academy of Business in Society is a reference point for organisations seeking access to leading edge thinking and practice in corporate responsibility, sustainability and governance. With over 100 member organisations (corporate and academic institutions) spanning the globe, ABIS encourages and empowers member organisations to collaborate and form partnerships through its corporate- academic network and invest in a sustainable future for business in society.

We are building a global network of universities, business schools and business organizations. We are committed to engage with innovative startups, junior enterprises, civil society organizations, research centers and other knowledge associations that share the same beliefs to work together to contribute to sustainable future for business in society.

 Our goal 

Our goal is to advance the role of business in society through research and education. Our
ambition is to make a significant contribution to the debate and the practice involved in equipping current and future business leaders with the knowledge, skills and capabilities for the long-term success of business in society.

Our background

ABIS (formerly known as EABIS) was founded in 2001 and launched at INSEAD in 2002 with the support of the leading Business Schools in Europe (INSEAD, IMD, London, ESADE, IESE, Copenhagen, Warwick, Vlerick, Ashridge, Cranfield, Bocconi) in partnership with IBM, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever and Shell.

This initiative was driven by a shared belief that challenges linked to globalization and sustainable development required new management skills, mindsets & capabilities.ABIS developed a strong role in responding to this need and it focused on integrating sustainability at the heart of business curricula, corporate policies and business strategies by providing knowledge and capacity building.

Some of our members have been part of our network since our foundation 18 years ago, which is as exciting as to welcome new members to our network in order to keep growing and keep learning together.

Our unique network

Our network is unique as it is small enough to create intimate atmosphere and build long lasting and strong connections with each other, but big enough to have always new insights and ideas flowing. We are one of very few business – academic networks, fostering this relationship as we are convinced that research and business is inseparable, and that academia and business need to work together to create a sustainable world.

We are proud to claim that our members are willing to share very openly their challenges and dilemmas to learn and further progress. This creates an inclusive community and environment where individuals feel safe to share and value each other insights and experiences in order to scale up the efforts in research, education and promoting sustainable and responsible way of doing business.

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