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At the heart of the ABIS philosophy is the integration of business and society issues into management theory and practice. It is only when practice and theory mutually inform each other that we will understand the increasing complexity of the economic, environmental and social challenges faced by business organisations and potentially see a move towards a truly sustainable future. These crucial relationships between theoreticians and practitioners are arguably best built early on in people’s careers, and the ABIS Doctoral Network (ADN) aims to play a part in facilitating this process at an international scale.

The engagement of ABIS with the Doctoral community translates into yearly opportunities to create constructive learning environments whereby young research scholars enrolled in Doctoral programmes in the field of business sustainability across the world may exchange ideas and experiences among themselves and with senior research scholars. The pool of international talented practitioners and scholars within the ABIS network and the diversity of themes addressed by ABIS member institutions allows ABIS to offer an exceptional, global platform to DBA and PhD scholars.

Key Objectives

  1. Facilitate  collaboration and exchange between junior and senior faculty.
  2. Facilitate collaboration and joint research activities among young researchers working with issues of Business in Society.
  3. Facilitate cross-training and international exchange among Doctoral students.
  4. Provide platform for dialogue between Doctoral students and the business community, professional services companies, and researchers from other research areas.
  5. Foster a culture of knowledge sharing not only amongst Doctoral students but also between them and senior research scientists in the field.
  6. Improve involvement of Doctoral students in the business sustainability debate in a pan-european and global scale.
  7. Play a part in determining important directions for future research.

ADN Activities

ADN is essentially built around three pillars:

  1. Online Doctoral Network Activities
    ADN runs dynamic social media platforms (FacebookTwitter) fostering the sharing of information/events amongst PhD and DBA supervisors/tutors/promoters and scholars undertaking research into ‘Business in Society’ issues and covering a diverse range of disciplines. A DNA mailing list has been created in order for ABIS to send regular newsletters or short messages flagging up relevant publications opportunities, job vacancies.
  2. Annual ADN events
    ABIS organises yearly Doctoral Summer Schools and Doctoral Days (usually alongside the colloquium) as part of its ADN programme. These meetings set the premise for stimulating fruitful interactions and collaboration between junior and senior research scholars. One of the main features is the (one-to-one) mentorship sessions that senior researchers (members of ABIS) provide to students. The mentorship sessions are designed to facilitate the delivery of moderated feedback on a diversity of Doctoral research works, providing students with an opportunity to improve their presentations, writing and publication skills. A best paper award is attributed by the scientific committee of ABIS at the Doctoral Day. ABIS is looking to introduce new elements in future Doctoral events, including the possibilities for Doctoral students to present online and for ABIS to web stream sessions.
  3. Continuous Doctoral Projects
    ABIS is currently involved in an EU founded Marie Sklodowska-Curie (MSC) Initial Training Network project that provides funding for 8 PhD students to undertake research into sustainability-driven innovation. We look to put together another proposal for a similar project and ABIS members will be invited to submit an expression of interest shortly. The strong focus of such MSC projects on the training of early-stage researchers means that the experience of ABIS academic members in this area is certainly an asset.

ADN Impact

The ADN programme offers opportunities for young participating scholars to submit their research for publication in aspecial issue of an ABS ranked business/management journal. We also foresee considerable opportunities stemming from the virtual exchanges taking place within ABIS online platforms.

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Coming Soon

A blog will be made available online in 2014, through which various forms of input from the Doctoral Network will be collected.

A series of webinars and courses are planned for the developmental needs of Doctoral students – whether this relates to, for example, research skills, career perspectives, or state-of-the-art review of ‘business in society’ theories and concepts.

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