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Deans Forum: Management In Faith-Based Institutions In The 21st Century

ABIS organized a Deans’ forum with Loyola University, New Orleans in February 2013 to address management in faith-based institutions in the 21st century.

The forum featured perspectives from global business, thought leaders and world-leading academic Deans to expand the knowledge horizon in the field of Faith-based programs at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Key Issues

  • Global Trends – current and emerging macro issues influencing Faith-based programs in the context of the socio/politic/economic landscape, long-term futures and solutions to the crisis in ethics;
  • Emerging Models– strategic innovation for Faith-based programs in operational excellence, product leadership, social innovation, entrepreneurship, creating, capturing and distributing value and building lasting values;
  • Strategy –strategic innovation as a result of faith-based programs in scenarios, resilience, stewardship, resources, community involvement, networks, and spiritual development;
  • Organizational Capabilities –strategic innovation prompted by faith-based programs in culture, structures, processes, skills, performance and impact assessment;
  • Capacity Building –innovation driven by Faith-based programs in servant leadership, talent, spiritual formation and development, and partnerships with others.
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