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ABIS Education Initiative

ABIS - The Academy of Business in Society has launched a new (Global) Education Initiative to support the realization of its mission, to strengthen the exchange of institutional innovation and to drive change in business schools and universities to face the complexities and challenges of the 21st century.

Between February and July 2016, the Education Initiative sought to identify academic members with a demonstrated track record in the following areas:

  1. Innovation in mainstreaming Corporate Responsibility (CR), Ethics and/or Sustainability across different curricula and full programmes;
  2. Innovation in new pedagogic methods and practices that develop sustainability-oriented values, mindsets, hard and soft skills in their students and participants. 

The overall objective was to map and estimate members’ SRE educational offer. The findings were published in the resulting report, which provides an overview of this mapping exercise. We believe that the results of the present report are a valuable starting point to ignite this debate among our members.

Feedback we received from ABIS members highlighted the importance to broaden our inquiry into the drivers, obstacles and key success factors, such as interdisciplinarity and faculty development, behind mainstreaming corporate responsibility, ethics and sustainability as a way to capture and learn from the experience of those members which embarked on a strategic integration of SRE themes across its portfolio of educational programmes.

The 2016 ABIS Colloquium on A New Agenda in Education, Learning and Talent Development represent the avenue to address the above-mentioned issues and to share insights and solutions to overcome the obstacles posed by the mainstreaming of new education and talent development models in business and academia. 

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