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ABIS GlobalNewsThe winner of the ABIS Best Impact Startup is Sulapac

The winner of the ABIS Best Impact Startup is Sulapac

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The winner of our Best Impact Startup Award is Sulapac® - a biodegradable and microplastic-free material made entirely from renewable sources and certified wood.

Shortlisted applicants were first selected based on their level of innovation and creation of market opportunities, the scope of impact and level of stakeholder engagement and the diversity of workforce and inclusion. 

The top 3 finalists were then invited to the 18th Annual Colloquium on Business in Society: Measuring Impact and Creating Change hosted by ESMT Berlin on 29 - 30 October, to describe their business activities and demonstrate their positive social, economic or environmental impact in a 5 minute pitching competition. 

The audience, which consisted of sustainability experts from our business and academic network including civil society organization and junior enterprises awarded the best startup by online voting. 

The most votes received Sulapac®, and therefore won the Best Impact Startup Award and was acknowledged to positively contributing to sustainable development and inspiring others to do the same. The prize consisted of winning a full ABIS institutional membership for a year, a private meeting with the Managing Director & Sustainability Strategy Practice Lead of Accenture, Alexander Holst and a 3D printed material prize which was handed over by our CEO Ivo Matser

With a mission to save the world from plastic waste, microplastic-free materials must become the new normal. To make this vision reality, Sulapac has taken a very open, active and collaborative approach. “To find a way out from the plastic waste crisis, we need to join forces and get activated on all levels of society, across industries and disciplines”, states Sulapac’s Sustainability Director Maija Pohjakallio, who attended our Colloquium.

We would once again like to congratulate Sulapac® for being a purpose-led startup and finding creative way to solve social and environmental problems while simultaneously growing their business.

Suvi Haimi, Sulapac Co-founder and CEO commented on their victory “We are extremely delighted for this recognition, as the award carries an important message that also reflects Sulapac’s philosophy. We are solving a major environmental problem and the principles of sustainable development are incorporated in everything we do. At the same time, we need to create profitable business”, 

If you are interested to read an article published by Sulapac® about the Best Impact Startup Award please click here

Sulapac® is a wood-based material innovation, which is a lot like plastic, yet it biodegrades fully leaving no microplastics behind. As a premium material that is safe and circular by design, Sulapac® is the perfect fit for quality driven brands with genuine commitment to sustainability. Plastic product manufacturers can use Sulapac® with their existing machinery making sustainability an easy choice. The company was founded in 2016 by Suvi Haimi and Laura Tirkkonen-Rajasalo and is based in Helsinki, Finland.

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