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ReTraCE - Circular Economy webinar

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Dear network, 

We invite you to join an upcoming webinar of the ReTraCE (Realizing the transition the the Circular Economy) project on Monday July 19 at 14.00 CEST. 

The Early Stage Researchers will present their progress in their research. 

The webinar is for free and will be broadcasted here:

Please find the descriptions of the research presentations: 

Circular economy in the agro-industry: Integrated environmental assessment of dairy products. - Mariana Oliveira, Parthenope University of Naples

Bio-circular strategies to improve production and consumption can be the answer to decrease the current environmental pressure of the dairy sector. To understand and measure the burdens of a dairy production chain (particularly buffalo mozzarella cheese, a specialty of the Campania Region, Italy), the Life Cycle Assessment and Emergy accounting Applied Framework (LEAF) was applied. The LEAF method is based on improvement scenarios, one of which was specifically designed to shift perspectives and discuss the methodological issues related to the evaluation of complex systems.

The EU green deal: Spreading or concentrating prosperity? - Sanja Arsova, SEERC

This short perspective paper is critically evaluating the EU green deal and its potential to alleviate regional disparities, as well as the challenging task of addressing development issues along with environmental concerns.

Implementing Regional Circular Economy Policies: A Proposed Living Constellation of Stakeholders. - Sanja Arsova, SEERC

This conceptual paper is anchoring the Europe's new agenda for sustainable growth in regional settings. The main goal of the study is to identify an inclusive and permanent coalition of stakeholders to act as a living constellation in the process of CE implementation and a method of designing platforms that will ensure the inclusion and engagement of different stakeholders throughout the transitioning process at the regional level.

The adoption of circular economy practices in supply chains–An assessment of European Multi-National Enterprises. - Tommaso Calzolari, The University of Sheffield

What are the degree of implementation, the level of involvement of supply chain partners, and the drivers behind the implementation of Circular Economy practices? This paper assesses the Circular Economy-inspired initiatives promoted by the largest European Multi-National Enterprises across 4 industrial sectors. Also, institutional pressures and supply chain integration are measured to explore their role in shaping the transition towards the adoption of Circular Economy practices in global supply chains.

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