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ABIS GlobalNewsBook Release: Green Leadership in China

Book Release: Green Leadership in China

The book begins with the question: What constitutes a “green” company? Is this definition different when we consider China’s sustainability efforts? Taken into consideration are such aspects as green management vision, supplier management programs, resource usage and investment in the environment. Through in-depth interviews with sustainability leaders and top executives, this Green Management Book will reveal how to systematically create or improve existing green management strategies in China. It uses actual case studies from domestic and foreign companies to highlight these practices. Over 2 years of extensive research - working with the research board of the Fortune China CSR rankings and China-based CSR strategy platform InnoCSR – contribute to a comprehensive list of companies that are leading the way towards a greener China. 

The "Green Leadership in China" by Sam Yoonsuk Lee, Bala Ramasamy and Jay Hyuk Rhee offers:

  • First-hand interviews and viewpoints from leading corporate executives, sustainability practitioners and experts on China
  • Extensive research and collaboration between the Fortune China CSR rankings and China-based CSR strategy platform InnoCSR
  • Scientific analysis and qualitative assessment to identify top performing companies in the environmental space
  • A thorough explanation of guiding methodologies, emerging trends, Government guidelines and regulations on environmental protection in China
  • Timely predictions on future growth of the corporate responsibility space in China
  • Thinking points to generate discussion appropriate for educational and corporate institutions
  • Actionable steps in incorporating green management practices into existing business practices


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