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Online Education Material on Sustainable Business Models

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Teaching material on sustainable business models is a scarcity. But Copenhagen Business School (CBS) wants to change that together with the Norwegian School of Economics and the Spanish ESADE Business & Law School, as they launched an open source and online educational material about sustainable business models in 2019.

Together with the Norwegian School of Economics and the ESADE Business & Law School, Kirsti Reitan Andersen and  Esben Rahbek Gjerdum Pedersen are working on a set of online and open source educational material on sustainable business models. About the need and intention of the project they commented:

"On Coursera, the biggest online platform for teaching material, there's a sparse amount of material that is of good quality about sustainable business models. Even on TED Talks you can't find that much. So, the Norwegian School of Economics definitely saw a need, and we wanted to be a part of the project," tells Kirsti and Esben adds: 

"Our hope is that the students will get a better understanding of sustainable business models, discuss and reflect on the cases given in the material, and be aware of the impact they make through the supply chain. It's not just about selling products or services, but about the long-term impact."

The material consists of six modules, of which CBS was in charge of making one of them. The idea is that students can either do one of the modules or do all of them as a course. In that way, it’s easier for teachers and students alike to make it fit for whatever course they are running or taking.

You can find the whole training HERE. 

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