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Mazars breakfast roundtable series on Embedding Sustainability in Corporate Governance

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

ABIS brings insightful leaders together to create inspiring discussions from which new projects and initiatives are further developed.

 One of the latest cases is the Mazars breakfast roundtable series on: Embedding Sustainability in Corporate Governance, that was created as a follow-up on Mazars breakout session: Sustainable reporting and auditing model to address societal needs beyond 2020 with Alexia Perversi and Anthony Carey at our Knowledge into Action Forum 2019 at the Unilever’s Four Acres centre in May.

Recent years have seen the introduction of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the approval of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, a growth in responsible investing and an encouragement to boards by a number of leading institutions to focus on a sustainable long-term approach to growth and profitability. They have also, however, witnessed continued criticism of ‘greenwashing’, inadequate corporate attention to climate change and challenges to boards by shareholders focused on short-term shareholder value enhancement.

 The aim of the roundtable is to bring together leading directors and investors and those with a capital markets background to discuss how they can have an effective dialogue, built on a mutual understanding of their respective roles, to achieve sustainable success for the benefit of their stakeholders and wider society.

The breakfast roundtable Embedding Sustainability in Corporate Governance is being held with cooperation of EcoDa – European Confederation of Directors at the Institute of Directors in London on 26. September at 8:30 am. 

Other roundtables are being planned in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Romania.

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