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KUBS-ABIS Global CSR Conference

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Role Of Corporate Sustainability In Asia's Development

29-30 November 2013, Korea University, Seoul, Korea

Corporate Sustainability can be defined as a business approach that responds to multiple stakeholders on every dimension of how a business operates and creates long-term shared value through integration of business strategies, human values and ecological culture. Hence, it seems logical to think that a fast-growing economy of Asia is boosted by the commitments of businesses in the area for sustainable development.

The Asian Business Center at Korea University Business School and ABIS are co-organising this conference which aims to to discuss current challenges and share the best practices of sustainability strategies that have contributed to the development of Asia or that can further applied in order to expand the impact in Asia.

The programme includes:

  • Keynote Session: Opening speech by the hosts and Korea Government (tbc)
  • Panel Discussion: 1st session: ICT Industry / 2nd session: Auto Industry
  • Case Presentation: MNC’s Corporate Sustainability Cases in Asia   
  • Case Matching: Individual interviews between companies and academicians

Download the invitation and agenda here.


All interested in participating are kindly asked to fill in the registration form and send it to Ms Jeena Park, ABIS Asia Coordinator,

Call For Expressions

All interested are invited to submit an expression of interest in participating in a conference with the above theme on November 29th and 30th of 2013, in Seoul, Korea.

Output of the conference will be a book with case studies written by the invited academicians for the conference. Co-hosted by the Institute for Sustainable Development of Korea University and the Academy of Business in Society, conference aims to bring interested academicians in investigating and researching MNCs in Asia and their role on the development of the region.

The conference will bring together companies operating in Asia and academicians from around the world.  In accordance with the theme, academicians are invited to write an academic case study for pre-selected companies on topics focusing on their sustainability cases that have contributed to Asia's development.

Final writers will be selected by the Institute for Sustainable Development of Korea University and the ABIS. Academicians will have chance to meet with the companies initially on the second day of the conference and will be given additional six months to submit the written academic case and teaching notes. Final case will be co-copyrighted between the academic institute of the writer and ABIS and the final book will be co-edited by two hosts and a renowned publisher (tbc).

Travel expenses of academicians who are chosen to write the cases and attending the conference will be covered by the hosts but there will be no remuneration for the case writing.

Each applicant who wants to submit an EOI should send their CV, including their list of publications to Ms. Jeena Park at by 31st October, 2013.

About The Organisers

The Academy of Business in Society (ABIS), launched in 2002, is a unique growing alliance of currently more than 130 companies, business schools, academic institutions and other stakeholders, with the support of the European Commission, committed to integrating business in society issues into the heart of business theory and practice around the globe. It is increasingly viewed as a reference point for corporate responsibility knowledge development and learning.

Asian Business Center at Korea University Business School (ABC), founded in 1955, aims at thoroughly analyzing Asian countries, which are newly emerging as important markets as well as prominent global trends. The goal of the ABC is to collect a wealth of professional knowledge on regional corporate activities and economies of major countries in Asia and subsequently, to provide valuable advice on the strategic decision -making process of corporations and countries.

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