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Members Only - Inaugural “Knowledge Into Action” Forum – Brussels, April 28-29

On April 28-29, ABIS will stage its inaugural “Knowledge Into Action” Forum in Brussels, exclusively for its members.

This new annual event will create a dynamic platform for ABIS members to connect ‘big ideas’ and strategic interests in line with clearly defined funding opportunities for business-academic collaboration. The Forum will be hosted by Vlerick Business School at its state-of-the-art campus in the city centre.

The programme will be divided into two distinct parts. During the first afternoon, members will hear from the European Commission, leading foundations and other actors about emerging priorities and themes linked to business in society and sustainability, as well as in-depth information about key success criteria, impact expectations, and more.

On the second day, participants will be offered a range of small-scale workshops with one main objective: to connect and empower groups of members to start working together on joint funding proposals in the months that follow – whether EU, corporate, foundation or other.

NOTE: These workshops will be centered on themes which members themselves propose and are willing to champion! The formal invitation to submit your ‘big ideas’ – along with supporting information and guidelines – will be sent to the whole network on FEBRUARY 9.

Members are invited to register for the event here


Overview of EU Opportunities

As many of you know, a major feature of ABIS' opportunity landscape is EU funding for Europe-based and international collaboration projects.

The EU today is placing more emphasis than ever on industry-academic partnerships which deliver tangible economic, scientific and societal impact. In that context, their interests are becoming more closely aligned with the founding mission and unique selling proposition of ABIS!

Moreover, the EU has recently created a number of new funding schemes which explicitly aim to strengthen the bridges between knowledge development & exchange and mainstream education, training and capacity building – a prime example being the “Erasmus+ Programme”. 

Two further characteristics make these highly attractive to the ABIS network: (1) many of the schemes are completely ‘open’, namely the EU does not pre-define topics for proposals to address; and (2) they offer new incentives and opportunities for companies to take leading roles, to leverage innovative practice and thinking inside the firm, and to receive funding for their contribution.

Against this backdrop, the ABIS central team has prepared a short summary of the most relevant opportunities at EU level. Please click here to download as a PDF.

As future communications will explain, the Forum workshops on April 29 should inspire members to bid for one or more of these, and / or alternatives such as foundation or corporate funding.


Timeline for Engagement

Below are the major milestones in the build-up to the April Forum:

January 27

 Launch of Forum Announcement

February 9

 Launch of Call for Workshop Proposals & Forum Registration

March 26

 Deadline for Submission of Workshop Proposals

April 6

 Confirmation of Workshop Themes & Launch of Workshop Registration

April 20

 Registration Deadline for Forum & Workshops 

April 24

 Confirmation of Workshop Participants & Final Logistics


Participation Fees:

In order to cover a percentage of the costs of staging the Forum, a small registration fee will apply for members and affiliated networks. No fees will apply for corporate and academic partners, in recognition of their higher annual membership fees. 




€ 75/ Person


€ 150 / Person


More Information

Please email any enquiries about the Knowledge Into Action Forum to Dr Ludwig Roger or call the Brussels office on +32 (0)2 539 3561.

Frequently Asked Questions - available to download in PDF here

Members are invited to register for the event here

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