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ABIS GlobalNewsJoin us for the upcoming EU-InnovatE Webinar Series

Join us for the upcoming EU-InnovatE Webinar Series

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We are pleased to announce an autumn series of international webinars to showcase the emerging headlines from our EU-InnovatE project focussing on: Understanding Sustainable Lifestyles in Europe to 2050 and the Future Role of Users, Innovators & Entrepreneurs.

Starting SEPTEMBER 20, ABIS and the consortium’s Work Package leaders will deliver 6 weekly interactive webinars on the following topics:

  • September 20th– History of Sustainable Lifestyles in Europe & Systemic Transitions
  • September 27th– The emerging Phenomenon of Sustainable Entrepreneurship & User Innovation
  • October 4th – Company-Driven Sustainability Innovation Integrating Users & Entrepreneurs
  • October 11th– Modelling and Measuring Sustainable Lifestyle Transitions to 2050
  • October 19th– Policy Making and Innovation to Support Sustainable Lifestyles & Entrepreneurship
  • October 25th– Scenarios for Sustainable Lifestyles in 2050: Assessing Short- and Long-Term Opportunities and Obstacles

Please see the Full Overview of Themes, Presenters and Times

The webinar series is a precursor to the project’s Final Conference, which takes place in Brussels on NOVEMBER 22.Interested participants can register for any of the online sessions by sending an email to

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