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Horizon 2020 Proposal submitted for EU funding of EUR 3 Mio

ABIS submitted its Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES!) for EU funding together with 10 leading Universities aiming to create innovative educational approaches to entrepreneurship education.

The YES! Project aims to develop a toolkit in entrepreneurial and innovation education for 8-16 year olds in Europe based on the EntreComp: the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework and principles of life design and using the UN Sustainable Development goals as a point of reference. Young participants will be provided opportunities to grapple with ‘wicked problems’ in the form of authentic sustainability challenges which may require innovative and/or entrepreneurial solutions. These opportunities will be situated within a global context, and will create a new channel for dialogue on such issues between a young audience and other stakeholders.

The main output of YES! will be the resultant toolkit to support entrepreneurial and innovation education for 8-16 year olds in. An online platform will be developed to house the toolkit. The platform will also serve to provide a networking space and venue for crowdsourcing of innovative solutions to ‘wicked’ problems.

Programme models, materials and any evaluation findings from each phase will feed into the toolkit which will be aimed at educators to enable replication and/or future collaboration on the various projects to encourage young people in the continued practice of innovation and entrepreneurship into adulthood. Alongside the materials created as a result of YES! the toolkit will be further enriched by resultant psycho-pedagogical insight into the entrepreneurial learning of children as well as an evaluation of existing formal and informal teaching material.


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