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ABIS submits proposals to create two Young Researcher Training Networks

On 13 January, ABIS and a combined total of 18 members submitted two proposals to the European Commission to fund international training networks for a total of 5 million euros. These are collaborative, intersectoral and interdisciplinary initiative proposals seeking to train young researchers in a company setting and develop the next generation of 'business in society' researchers. 

The proposals were developed in line with the goals of the Marie Sklodovska Curie Funding Programme under the Horizon 2020 framework. 

Description of Proposals

  1. Research and Competence Training of Early-Stage Researchers in and for Sustainability-Oriented Enterprises (SustEIn): Sustainability-oriented Entrepreneurships and Intrapreneurship is conceived of as a supra-disciplinary field that requires research that goes beyond the limits of classical approaches to the study of entrepreneurship. The programme will use research designs based on longitudinal, ethnographic, case study and action research or participative methods, where researchers are immersed in work-place settings for a substantial period of time.


  1. Aligned Technology, Innovation, and Management for the Medicine of tomorrow Redefining Healthcare Landscapes by Means of Holistic Competence Building (ATIMM): ATIMM will create a cohort of 15 highly skilled researchers educated through a multidisciplinary approach where essential knowledge in IT, Innovation, Management, and Medicine is aligned. ATIMM is unique in aligning core foundational competences in each Early Stage Researcher’s project while adopting a multidisciplinary problem-based approach towards the development of a culture of trans-disciplinary understanding and collaboration: an approach designed to meet the healthcare problems of today and tomorrow.


The ABIS Central Team would like to thank Prof. Tiziana Margaria and Dr. Fabien Martinez for their leading role in these two processes. ABIS would also like to thank the rest of the members of the two consortia for the incredible work they have delivered.

  • If your organisation or institution wishes to take advantage of the experience of ABIS in shaping and coordinating EU or international research proposals, please contact: Dr. Ludwig Roger, EU Project Manager. 
  •  Find out more about ABIS projects here


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