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Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership on Harmonisation and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility EU Directives

Considering the fact that the lifelong learning and education of adults are one of the EU priorities when it comes to educational policies as a whole, the improvement and the development of professional competences and knowledge in the field of legal framework for EU/CSR guidelines will be of prime importance in this project.

With this priority, clear and identifiable skills and qualifications that allow easier further education, employment and mobility in the EU and Croatia will be realised, thus achieving competitiveness in the Croatian and EU market. The CSR field is a relatively new area in Croatia and objectives need to be implemented and harmonised with the EU legal framework. Through examples of good practice from EU partners education based on the strategic partnership will be realized at an international level which will provide opportunities for further training.”

ABIS, as one of the main Global Networks in the field of Sustainable Business and CSR was invited to be part of the new European Commission project. Other members of the Network are:


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