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Enabling middle market businesses to achieve sustainable success

Mazars and ABIS organised a panel session dedicated to “Enabling middle market businesses to achieve sustainable success” at the European Business Summit on 24 May 2018 to mark the launch of their “Middle Market Leaders Lab”.

The panel members were drawn from a number of countries in Europe representing a diverse range of interests but with a common commitment to recognising the contribution of middle market businesses to their respective economies and wider society.

  • Anthony Carey, Head of Board Practice at Mazars (moderator)
  • Professor Dr Rene Schmidpeter, Dr Jurgen Meyer Endowed Chair for International Business, Ethics and CSR Cologne Business School
  • Darius Movaghar, Senior Policy Adviser, European Family Businesses
  • Aleksandra Palinska, Senior Policy Adviser, EuropeanIssuers
  • Joe Carr, Global Leader, Entrepreneurial Business, Mazars Group
  • Professor Benjamin Beeckmans, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Solvay Brussels School of Business and Management, Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Rudi Plettinx, Chief Executive Officer, Academy of Business in Society (ABIS)



The panel covered the following topics:

  1. The challenges that exist at a macro level in promoting the success of middle market businesses in Europe;
  2. The range of critical issues that middle market businesses need to address to achieve their full potential;
  3. The launch of Mazars/ABIS Middle-Market Leaders Lab.


You can download below the full report of Mazars-ABIS panel session at the European Business Summit 2018 or read more on the official Mazars website.

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