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Defining a new leadership paradigm: ABIS Annual Colloquium to convene leading thinkers on sustainability concerns of business and society

Sustainability may have become a common refrain among business, academia and governments, yet it is far from becoming embedded into business strategy or educational policies and methodologies. Developing leaders for the future requires collaboration between business and academia to drive transformation of individuals, systems and organisations. To respond to this challenge, The Academy of Business in Society – ABIS, a global partnership of companies, academic institutions and affiliated networks, will host its 13th Annual Colloquium on the theme of ‘Transforming Tomorrow: Leadership for a Sustainable Future’ on 10-11 December 2014 at University of Cambridge, UK.

“A paradigm shift is needed if organisations and individuals are to be prepared for the future. Academic institutions and businesses have the power to address the sustainability concerns of businesses and societies. This year’s Colloquium will provide new models of collaboration to experienced business leaders, researchers and scholars from Europe, China, South Africa, Kenya, United States and further afield”, said Simon Pickard, Director General, ABIS.

ABIS is driving the development of a new leadership paradigm with the expertise of the co-host of the Colloquium, the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Polly Courtice, Director of University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership points out that “2015 offers a unique window for collective action with the launch of the UN Sustainable Development goals and the chance to secure a binding and universal agreement on climate in Paris in Dec 2015. But if we are to grasp this opportunity and secure lasting and transformational change, we need leaders who can offer a compelling vision for a new and more sustainable way of doing business.”

Keynote speakers at 13th ABIS Colloquium include Sir Mark Moody-Stuart (UN Global Compact), Dr Jane Griffiths (Janssen Pharmaceuticals), John Elkington (Volans and The B-Team), David Pencheon (NHS) and Peter Lacy (Accenture). Participants will also hear new insights from St. Gobain, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, IBM and others. Leading academics are also expected including deans of top business schools ESADE, Spain, ESMT Germany, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, China and Strathmore Business School, Kenya.

REGISTER: Business professionals in the human resources, learning and development fields and academic researchers and educationists are invited to register to attend the two-day event here

Download ABIS Colloquium 2014 Brochure here

CONTACT: Gordana Kierans, Relationships and Knowledge Manager, ABIS

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