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Management in Digital Age

Monday, April 8, 2019

Since 2014 GSOM Emerging Markets Conference has become the unique platform for discussing and sharing research ideas and experience in wide range of topics relevant for emerging market contexts and joined together more than 1600 leading scholars and practitioners from Russia, CEE countries and all over the world. The conference encourages and promotes research done for and on perspective of emerging markets and creates dialog between academics and practitioners about recent trends in management, economics and business. The 6th International Emerging Market Conference in 2019 will explore new challenges faced by global and local companies in the age of digitalization and discuss how digital transformation will change countries, markets, firms, leaders, and people.

ABIS is cooperating with Graduate School Of Management, St. Petersburg University on one of the tracks at the conference: BUSINESS IN SOCIETY: CHANGE OF PARADIGM

Detailed description of the track where our CEO Ivo Matser will be a co-chair with Yuri BlagovDirector, PWC Center for Corporate Social Responsibility at St.Petersburg University Graduate School of Management can be found below: 

"The traditional Business in Society paradigm should be rethought. Entering into the human-influenced Anthropocene age accelerated by the 4th industrial revolution has transformed both the very sense of sustainability and the role of business in reaching UN SDGs. Business in general cannot be separated from the society nevermore. Moreover, the basic conceptual macro-level framework is rapidly changing from and even Business IN Society (forget about the archaic Business AND Society approach) towards the trendy Business IN Nature. Respectively the concept of CSR is transferring into the actual models of corporate sustainability. Such incredible shifts can and should be specified and answered in the particular Emerging Markets context. The one day track “Business in Society: a change of paradigm” (October 4, 2019) provides participants with the unique opportunity to analyze these shifts and their effects as well as current issues in the field within Emerging Markets."

Call For Papers

GSOM Conference invites paper proposals that address the global, national, and company levels of the Track and Conference topics of the conference. Please download the official call and guidelines for authors

Continuing changes in global business landscape shape new settings for companies, managers and researchers provoking them to search for new managerial and leadership approaches. Over the last few decades international markets have become more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous immersing all actors in VUCA reality. Among constant rethinking of strategies, managerial practices and environments to address existing challenges, researchers and practitioners look at variety and diversity of new trends emerged due to globalization and technological breakthroughs. The digital economy attracts attention due to its possibility to change existing production and services, and its potential to develop new competitive advantages related to innovations, speed of decision making and flexibility that can be crucial especially for firms from emerging markets.

The rise and the acceleration of digital world redesign all organizations whereas internet solutions, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, robots applications in recruitment and customer’s services, etc. can’t be neglected anymore. All those become new business drivers and define the speed and move of global competition. Although digitalization theme becomes demanded, there is still a room for discussion how management should consider its value to organizational contexts, internationalization perspectives, sustainability issues and pervasive leadership.


Important Dates


1 Paper submission deadline:   May 31, 2019
2 Notification of authors:    by July 15, 2019
3 Early Bird Registration   July 15 — August 15, 2019
4 Registration deadline:    September 20, 2019
5 Doctoral Colloquium:    October 1-2, 2019
6 Conference dates:    October 3-5, 2019


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