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Book release: Leadership and Organizational Culture for Innovation

Friday, February 22, 2019

A book on Leadership and Organizational Culture for Innovation was released by ESADE visiting professors João Brillo and Jaap Boonstra.

Leadership and organizational culture for innovation is becoming increasingly important in a constantly changing and transforming world full of technological, political and cultural transformations. Without sustainable innovation leaders and organizations are doomed to failure. 

With sharp analysis based on reliable data, the book describes why innovation has become key to organizations' future. The authors argue that innovation is key to maximizing the impact on corporate strategies and modernizing organizational culture.

One of the most revealing aspects of the book is proof that a company's size is not a ticket to success. What counts is the quality of leadership and the development of a culture for innovation. Corporate survival depends on adaptation to environmental changes. The companies that survive are not necessarily the strongest but rather the ones that best adapt to change.

The book shows how this principle has been the main driver of corporate competitive advantage. Companies need to rethink and re-evaluate the development of new behavior patterns and habits. The authors call into question practices that they consider anachronistic, such as hierarchy in the workplace. While no one doubts that senior managers should play the leading role, new times call for an end to the vicious circle that stunts creativity and innovation

You can order the book here

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