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ABIS Talent Futures Report

The business contribution to sustainable development through to 2030 will depend significantly on the qualities and vision of corporate leaders committed to achieving the UN SDGs, COP21 Paris climate targets, circular economy transitions, and more. Of equal importance, new capabilities, competences and mindsets will be needed across organizations to drive internal transformation and deliver external impact and value.


This has significant implications for current approaches to leadership and talent management – both in industry and in academia – if the relevant skills and profiles are to be developed at pace, at scale, and in line with global ambitions for more sustainable futures for all.



This report draws on three high level dialogues convened by ABIS between December 2015 and October 2016, with invaluable support from founding partners Unilever and IBM. Through in-depth critical debate and reflection with senior HR, Leadership and Talent executives, we have sought to better understand the challenges facing business in trying to anticipate the various skills, qualities, mindsets and values that they believe will underpin both a sustainable, profitable business model and a long-term licence to operate in an unprecedentedly VUCA world.
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